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Ali Black

Selected Poems
"We Look Better Alive" in Muzzle Magazine
"When My Mother Died" in Gulf Coast
"Going to Euclid" in Gulf Coast
"When Quan Died" in sw
amp pink
"The Custom Casket," "Once Everybody Started Dying," and "Stretch Marks" in
The Adroit Journal
"What I Want to Say" in Live Encounters
"I Always Thought Lady Gaga Had Lupus" in The Offing
"Remembering Smoke" in One
"The Women In My Family All Clean the Same" in jubilat
"If You Would've Met My Mother"
in december
"Kinsman" in Academy of American Poets

Selected Essays
Auntie" in Atticus Review
"Lessons Learned" in DIAGRAM
Longing for What It Is: On Ariana Brown's We Are Owed" in Cleveland Review of Books
"Boy with Balloon" in Exclamation's Gauntlet
"Talking How We Talk: On Exploring the Poetic Plentitude of Black Life" in Literary Hub
"Letter From Cleveland: On Protest, Laughter, and Finding Breath"
in Literary Hub
"Queen of All Spaces"
in The Offing
"Too Close to Home" in The Rumpus


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